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In every job we perform we have a commitment to our clients and to our employees, ensuring that every environment we operate in is both healthy and safe. From our employees, contractors, and the general public, Eastern Communications, Inc is driven to safeguard anyone in and around our operations.

We believe that all injuries can be prevented through attention to detail as well as through extensive internal and external safety training. Our executive team has woven health and safety into every facet of our operation.

Accidents and injuries do not only cause an interruption in the progress of a project, but also affect the lives of our team, the injured and their family.

To help protect against accidents, injuries and illnesses, Eastern Communications, Inc has established a recognized Safety and Health program, which every member of our company, from management to contractors adheres to.

This program currently includes the following training programs, providing authorizations, qualifications, and certifications delivered internally at Eastern Communications:

Our Orientation Program is mandatory for all new employees and includes the following safety training components; introduce applicable OSHA and DOT definitions and regulations, hazard awareness and Job Safety Analysis, RF awareness, Trenching & Excavation Safety, Arcflash Awareness & Electrical Safety, Silicosis awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, NATE presentation on Gin Pole Safety, Rooftop Fall Protection and Video Display Terminal Ergonomics.

First Aid and CPR: Our certified American Heart Association trainer ensures that all team members at Eastern Communications are Heartsaver CPR/First Aid Certified.

Fall Protection and Tower Rescue:
Through our in-house CITCA fall protection program we ensure all workers given access to elevated work environments, completes a two part comprehensive tower safety fall protection and rescue course. The Authorized Climber program provides awareness of recognized hazards at elevated work zones, as well as an understanding of fall protection equipment and hands-on climbing techniques including elevated rope rescue techniques. The Competent Climber/Rescuer program builds on the Authorized Climber concepts and introduces advanced rescue techniques. The program provides a hands-on learning environment for experienced climbers to practice new skills and improve their understanding and control over potential hazards commonly associate with tower climbing.

Powered Industrial Truck
All of our employees and team members must attend Powered Industrial Truck Operator Safety training and prove their status as Qualified Operators through this in-house hands-on course.

Aerial Work Platform Safety
All of our field employees must go through our Aerial Work Platform Operator Safety program for all Boom and Scissor Lift operations.

Crane and Rigging Safety:
We require all workers who will be working directly with crane hoisting activities including creating, applying or removing rigging systems or providing any signaling to a crane operator go through this two-part safety training program. This program introduces OSHA’s Subpart CC crane standards and provides the required training elements listed within the standards. The Qualified Signal Person course presents crane dynamics, associated hazards, and crane signal proficiency. Qualified Rigger focuses on rigging equipment, inspections, and rigging system safety.

Continuing Education With OSHA:
Everyone at Eastern Communications must complete a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA 1926 Construction Safety training from our certified in-house trainer. All foreman and supervisors must complete the requirements of OSHA 30 hour Construction Safety training.

At Eastern Communications, we also employ 3rd party certifications and programs for our employees and contractors. These include the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 70E as well as the Lock-Out/Tag-Out Training Program.

If you have any questions about our safety program or the safety of our work at Eastern Communications, Inc please call our offices at 860-242-8100.

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